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4 Asbestos Myths Unveiled

4 Asbestos Myths Unveiled

4 Asbestos Myths Unveiled

Asbestos was used in many buildings because it was a fire-resistant material, but it was discovered that it has carcinogenetic effects. Since the 1970s, countries around the world have been striving to deal with the consequences of using this deadly toxin. The Certified Asbestos Removal team has come across many common myths that they have debunked for your safety:

#1: Asbestos is Banned

According to CBC News, the Canadian government began taking steps to initiate an asbestos ban in January of this year, even though it’s been public knowledge since the 1970s that all types of asbestos cause mesothelioma, lung cancer, and other chronic respiratory conditions. Up until 2011, Canada was still exporting asbestos. The government has proposed strict regulations to begin eradicating the asbestos product market in Canada.

Over 50 countries, including in the United Kingdom, Australia, and the European Union, have already banned asbestos, except for the United States. They continue to use and export products that contain asbestos and as of yet are not planning on putting a stop to it.

#2: Exposure to Asbestos Immediately Causes Side Effects

Asbestos is an extremely dangerous toxin that takes years, even decades, for it to develop, so you won’t show any signs of exposure right off the bat.  There is no definite number of years for symptom detection; some asbestos illnesses could come to light in 10 years, others between 25 and 50 years. Neither long-term nor short-term exposure to asbestos is good. As long as you’re exposed, you are at risk.

No matter your age, you can still be affected by asbestos if you’re exposed. Many young people have been diagnosed with an asbestos illness, primarily mesothelioma, because they were exposed to it as children.

#3: You’re Safe from Asbestos If You Wear a Mask

This is false. An average hardware store mask will not provide you with any protection where asbestos is concerned. Professional asbestos removers wear layers of protective gear, a full body suit, specialty breathing masks, and ensure that every part of their body is protected. This is the level of danger that asbestos poses to people.

#4: You Should Throw Away Asbestos When You Find It

Asbestos should not be disturbed because it becomes more dangerous when it is airborne. Treat it like a wild animal, keep your distance, and call in a professional.

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