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Restoration Services

Restoration Services

Fire and Flood Restoration Services

Certified Asbestos Removal & Restoration is a great choice for your restoration services, addressing water damage, disaster restoration, and emergency cleaning needs following floods or fires. Our team has over 15 years of experience, delivering cleaning and repair services for both residential and commercial properties. Count on us to restore your Calgary home or business with precision, ensuring the job is done right the first time, every time.

In the aftermath of flood or fire damage, the stakes are high. Recognizing that the aftermath can lead to ongoing deterioration if not properly addressed, engaging an experienced restoration company is important. At Certified Asbestos Removal & Restoration, we go beyond the conventional, seamlessly integrating our expertise should asbestos abatement and mold remediation be required as part of the restoration services. Our trained technicians stand ready to handle any magnitude of fire or flood damage.

Choose Certified Asbestos Removal & Restoration as your restoration company to revitalize your property and also safeguards against hidden threats like asbestos and mold. Trust us to bring your space back to life, providing lasting dividends for the present and the future.

Smoke and fire damage can include:

  • Discoloration of walls, furniture, and other possessions
  • Strong, unpleasant and persistent odors
  • The potential release of harmful chemicals from extreme heat

Flood damage can result in:

  • Damage to your belongings and furniture
  • Mould growth and respiratory issues
  • Structural damage to your home or business

Besides providing the best emergency repairs in the business, we are also dedicated to the mental well being of our clients as well. To make the restoration process as stress-free as possible for you, we’ll work with your insurance company to help you handle your claim. It’s part of the job that our company is always happy to do, and a service always highly appreciated by our clients.

The key to fire or flood damage cleanup is not only to start the restoration process quickly, but to ensure that the cleanup is done correctly in order to safeguard your home or business from further damage. The service we provide is to prevent any potential issues that can affect your health over the long term. When fire or floods hit, don’t hesitate – contact us immediately.

Flood And Fire Damage Cleanup

If drywall, insulation or carpeting becomes saturated with water, it can stay wet for days, harboring harmful bacteria and creating a perfect breeding ground for mold.  In these cases, furniture, drywall, electrical circuits, and other possessions may need to be completely replaced.

Everyone knows the expression “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” but the reverse is also true. Even a small fire that you put out on your own with an extinguisher can leave lasting smoke damage in your home. It may seem innocuous, but this damage lead to unforeseeable problems down the road. Smoke damage can seep deep into household surfaces, causing longstanding problems for anyone who is in your home on a regular basis.

The effects of this sort of damage can make your home downright unlivable, and the longer this damage goes untreated, the more difficult it will be to fix it over time. It will also have an impact on the value of your home.

For emergency  service on your home or business, contact us. We’ll help set things right after fire or water damage. Our certified team of experts will restore your home to its former glory. Certified Asbestos will deliver the restoration services you deserve.


Gerard Fernandes

The work was done professionally and met our expectations for timeliness and budget. All the folks we met through this company were competent, caring and very courteous from the initial quote to payment of the invoice.


Elena Vakhtina

I am absolutely happy with the work of Certified Asbestos Removal Inc. company. They did exceptional job removing asbestos in my condo. Despite the fact that I have concrete ceilings which are twice harder to deal with, everything was done on time and with the highest quality! I can definitely recommend this company! Special thanks to Dawit, our project manager. Great professional and very nice person. Was a pleasure to work with him!


Doug E

I had a great experience dealing with Certified Asbestos Removal. Peter responded within 10 minutes to my request for a quote and sent a tech to site the next day for testing who was also a pleasure to work with. They put me at ease on the issues I had and also relayed a lot of info to cover some future questions.


Eddy Maroky

We hired peter with certified asbestos removal for our home renovation project. He had the best price, and was very trustworthy. He was able to explain the quote and explain why and what we are being charged for. The other companies who provided us with their quotes did not give me the confidence, nor were they able to explain what we were being charged for. I highly recommend Peter and certified asbestos for you renovation needs. He will get the job done safely and within budget.

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