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Asbestos Removal & Testing

Asbestos Removal & Testing

Asbestos Removal You Can Depend On

Asbestos can be a very dangerous substance. It was used very widely across North America as a fire-resistant material in building houses, as well as insulation. However, by the 1980s asbestos became banned from use due it its carcinogenic effects – it was proven to contribute to cancer in the lungs and throat if inhaled for a long period of time.

Common places to discover asbestos are:

  • Old floor and  ceiling tiles
  • Roof shingles and siding
  • Insulation (around boilers, ducts, pipes, sheeting, fireplaces)
  • Pipe cement and joint compound

Asbestos Testing

Certified Asbestos is a company that provides asbestos testing and removal services to residential and commercial clients. Asbestos testing is important to identify the presence and concentration of asbestos fibers in buildings, which can cause serious health problems. We offer bulk sampling, air monitoring, and visual inspections using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. We also provide comprehensive asbestos management plans to ensure safe and effective removal of ACMs. The removal process is carried out by trained professionals who follow strict safety protocols and guidelines.

What Makes Asbestos Dangerous?

Asbestos becomes a hazard when it is released into the air. If asbestos in the home becomes damaged or moved, asbestos fibers may be released. For example, when asbestos around a boiler or furnace breaks down, it releases dust. Ceilings with asbestos may release fibers when they are drilled into to install something or during renovations.

Many houses were made with asbestos as insulation and simply have not had the opportunity to be fixed.  If your house was built in the 20th century, before or around the 1980s, there is a good chance your home may have asbestos.  Some newer houses may also contain asbestos.

If you do discover asbestos in your home, do not touch or disturb it!  Asbestos fibres released into the air are directly linked to carcinogenic effects on the human body.  Instead, call our professional asbestos removal team to help clear your home of the toxic substance.  We’ll work with your insurance company to handle your claim and make the process as stress-free as possible for you.

If where you discover asbestos is an area of high traffic, wear protection over your mouth, nose, eyes, and skin before investigating further – and even then, your priority should be calling Certified Asbestos Removal Inc., Calgary’s most trusted professional asbestos removal company.


Beverley Richards

When it comes to interior design, it’s very important to have an asbestos removal company who knows what they’re doing. In our line of business, we always encounter asbestos issues. Peter at Certified Asbestos Removal is very knowledgeable and highly trustworthy. Peter and his team are some of the best in the business. I would definitely hire them again, and would highly recommend Certified to all my family, friends and colleagues.


Doug E

I had a great experience dealing with Certified Asbestos Removal. Peter responded within 10 minutes to my request for a quote and sent a tech to site the next day for testing who was also a pleasure to work with. They put me at ease on the issues I had and also relayed a lot of info to cover some future questions.


Sergio Rodrigues

James was amazing to deal with. We needed to do a renovation in our house and found out that we needed to first deal with potential asbestos issues, which we knew nothing about. We hired certified asbestos removal to test our property. We found out we had asbestos in our walls. James gave us competitive pricing. The work got done on time and within our budget. We highly recommend certified to all looking for asbestos removal work.


Eddy Maroky

We hired peter with certified asbestos removal for our home renovation project. He had the best price, and was very trustworthy. He was able to explain the quote and explain why and what we are being charged for. The other companies who provided us with their quotes did not give me the confidence, nor were they able to explain what we were being charged for. I highly recommend Peter and certified asbestos for you renovation needs. He will get the job done safely and within budget.

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