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Asbestos Action Plan: Encapsulation, Enclosure, Removal

Asbestos Action Plan: Encapsulation, Enclosure, Removal

Asbestos contamination is a serious health and safety risk that requires immediate action. Once identified, asbestos must be contained and removed without exposing anyone to the harmful substance. The basic strategies for minimizing the harmful effects of asbestos are encapsulation, enclosure and removal. Here is a brief description of how each of these approaches works, so you can have a better idea of how the asbestos removal process functions.


Encapsulation refers to the process of sealing asbestos-containing material with a bonding agent called a sealant. A non-toxic sealant must form a tough layer over the asbestos-containing material that is water resistant, flame retardant, and can withstand moderate impact. Encapsulation is a quick and economical way to manage asbestos, but it is only a temporary solution that reduces the risk of damage cause by asbestos until it can be removed.


Enclosure is the process of separating asbestos-containing materials from an environment using a physical barrier. While a suspended ceiling is generally considered too easily penetrable to be a good enclosure, a drywall covering can form a strong barrier. Like encapsulation, enclosure is only a short-term management solution for asbestos until it can be removed. Asbestos fibres will continue to be released behind the enclosure barrier, and so enclosure alone is not a sufficient solution to protect against asbestos.


Removal is the only effective and permanent asbestos management solution. Removal refers to the process of completely extracting asbestos-containing materials from a building and disposing of them properly. Removal eliminates the source of asbestos, ensuring that the health and safety hazards it presents won’t reoccur. Encapsulation and enclosure should only be used as temporary measures to contain asbestos damage while it’s being removed.

Asbestos is a serious and harmful structural issue. Make sure to take the necessary precautions to protect your property against the threat of asbestos. Contact us at Certified Asbestos Removal and Restoration Inc. for professional and efficient asbestos inspection and removal services.

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