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Asbestos Basics: How Long Does Asbestos Abatement Take to Complete?

Asbestos Basics: How Long Does Asbestos Abatement Take to Complete?

If you’ve discovered disturbed asbestos-containing materials in your home, it is important for your health and safety to have those materials removed as soon as possible. The amount of time it takes for professional technicians to remove asbestos-containing materials from your home or property will vary depending on the type of abatement procedures required for the job. Here is some more information about the timeline of asbestos abatement procedures from the professional technicians at Certified Asbestos Removal.

Vacating Your Property

It may not be safe to be inside your property during the removal process depending on the severity of the asbestos contamination. With professional and experienced asbestos removal technicians, you may be able to return to your home or property in as little as 48 hours. Depending on the size of the contaminated area, you may not have to vacate the premise at all. For smaller asbestos removal projects, industrial plastic sheeting can be used to safely separate you from the contaminated area while work is underway. For complete protection, however, it is usually recommended that you vacate the property until asbestos-containing materials are removed and the site is deemed safe again.

Quality Assurance

At Certified Asbestos Removal, we’re committed to not only removing all asbestos-containing materials, but also ensure that the air quality in your property is completely safe, livable, comfortable and pleasant. Once all asbestos has been removed, there is a 48 hour window in which we test the air in and around your property numerous times to ensure that there are no lingering asbestos fibres in the air. The industry standard of safety in air quality is less than 0.01 fibres per cubic centimetre (cc) of air. The technicians at Certified Asbestos Removal will remain on-site until that level of air quality is achieved to ensure your complete safety and security. This may take a varying amount of time depending on the kind of invasive techniques needed to remove asbestos-containing materials.

When you discover asbestos-containing materials in your property, time is of the essence. Not only do you want to address the problem as soon as possible, you also want to choose an asbestos abatement service that can provide fast, efficient and thorough asbestos removal. At Certified Asbestos Removal, we’re dedicated to providing our clients with the fastest and least disruptive asbestos abatement services possible without sacrificing detail, quality and health and safety assurance. For more information about our asbestos abatement services, contact us today at Certified Asbestos Removal.

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