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Asbestos Exposure Assessment: How Do You Know If You’re at Risk?

Asbestos Exposure Assessment: How Do You Know If You’re at Risk?

Asbestos exposure can have serious health consequences for you, your employees, and your entire business. It’s important for business owners to have their properties fully assessed for asbestos-related health risks to keep their company safe and secure. How can you accurately judge the risks associated with asbestos in your workplace? Here is some more information about asbestos exposure assessments so you can keep your workplace as safe and clean as possible.

Managing Exposure Versus Removal

Asbestos spores must be inhaled in order to infect humans. This means that undisturbed asbestos located in an inaccessible areas does not present a direct risk to your health. However, if this area becomes disturbed, asbestos spores can be launched into the air, causing an exposure risk. Asbestos exposure can be managed by preventing any disturbances and denying access to any asbestos-containing areas in your property. It is difficult, however, to account for all potential property disturbances and damages so removal is preferred over exposure management techniques. For instance, your air ventilation system may vibrate or otherwise disturb the asbestos-containing area, leading to a risk of exposure.

Exposure Assessment Criteria

There are eight basic criteria for assessing asbestos exposure risk:

  • Condition of Material—If the asbestos-containing material is older or more damaged, it’s more likely to release asbestos fibers into the air.
  • Water Damage—If the asbestos-containing material has been water damaged, the risk of exposure is increased.
  • Exposed Surface Area—If the asbestos-containing material has an visible surface area, it is considered an exposed material.
  • Accessibility—If asbestos-containing material can be reached or touched by any personnel, it is considered an exposure risk.
  • Activity and Movement—If the asbestos-containing material can be easily moved, shaken or dislodged, it is considered an exposure risk.
  • Air Distribution System—If the asbestos-containing material is located within or around the air distribution system, it’s considered an exposure risk.
  • Friability—If the asbestos-containing material crumbles easily, it is an exposure risk.
  • Asbestos Content—An asbestos-containing material is considered an exposure risk depending on the percent of asbestos it contains.

If your property was built with asbestos-containing material, it’s important to have your business professionally assessed to determine the health risks associated with having this hazardous substance on your property. The experienced and professional technicians at Certified Asbestos Removal can assess your property to determine your exact asbestos exposure risk. We also offer fast and efficient asbestos removal services that guarantee safety and security against asbestos exposure risk. For more information about our asbestos assessment and removal services, contact us today.

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