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How We Assess Asbestos Exposure

How We Assess Asbestos Exposure

If you have recently discovered that asbestos-containing materials in your home or property have become disturbed, it is vital that the effecting area be controlled and asbestos abatement begins as soon as possible. You may be wondering how the risks of each case of asbestos abatement are calculated. At Certified Asbestos Removal, we follow the guidelines set forth by the government of Alberta to ascertain the precise nature of each asbestos-containing disturbance, and thus deduce the best abatement plan for your particular case. So that you can know as much as possible going into the abatement, here are the eight factors used to determine the risks of asbestos exposure. While we want you to be fully informed, it is important to remember that all parts of an asbestos abatement, including assessment, should only be carried out by trained professionals.

  • Initial conditions: has the area been recently disturbed? Suffered outside interference such as vandalism? These are factors that increase the likelihood of asbestos fibers in the air.
  • Water: Water, even just heavy rains, can dislodge previously undisturbed asbestos.
  • How much of the area is directly on the surface: The greater the surface area compared to the entire area, the greater your risk.
  • If the area is easily accessible: The more often and easily people can come into contact with the area, the greater the chances of exposure.
  • Traffic: If the asbestos is in a highly trafficked area, exposure is almost guaranteed.
  • If the asbestos is near an air supply system, it must be removed immediately.
  • If the asbestos is easily crumpled, or likely to be made into smaller pieces, the risk of exposure is much greater.
  • Total asbestos content: We calculate the exact amount of each type of asbestos and sample the air for each type. Any amount of asbestos fibers in the air poses a direct risk, but the higher the concentration, the more severe the health consequences of delaying an abatement could be.

When you discover asbestos-containing materials on your property or in your home, you immediately have a list of questions, all of which are of vital importance. That is why you want an asbestos abatement service that can directly respond to your concerns with concrete and systematic plans for your specific abatement. At Certified Asbestos Removal, we have trained technicians who are able to efficiently ascertain your level of risk for exposure and proceed with the safest asbestos abatement for your individual needs. Based on the process above, we can determine the time span of the abatement, what level of equipment will be required, as well as ensure that air quality is healthy and safe for continued living after the asbestos has been fully removed. For more information about our services and to have your property inspected for possible asbestos-containing materials, or their disturbance, contact us at Certified Asbestos Removal.

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