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Identify the Signs of Mould: Health Effects

Identify the Signs of Mould: Health Effects

Certified Asbestos Removal offers comprehensive and convenient mold removal services in Calgary, but the best way to make sure that you avoid any serious health side effects from it is to know how to catch it early. Modern research has determined that prolonged exposure to this organism is detrimental to human health, especially for those with allergies or other health issues.

The health of effects of mold are easy to catch for the most part, so make sure to keep an eye out for these major signs of mold exposure in the home.

Respiratory irritations

Your respiratory system is responsible for breathing and since that’s where airborne spores will enter into your body, that’s also where most of the damage will be done. If you are noticing that you or your family are consistently getting sore throats, sore chests, or worse-than-usual nose irritations, then it could be due to mold exposure. Make sure to have a test conducted immediately.

Aggravated allergies

Anyone with allergies knows that certain seasons or substances aggravate them incessantly. When there is mold in the house, the spores go airborne and get into our airways. This causes people to sneeze constantly, have runny noses or get uncontrollable mucus. If you notice increased allergy problems, then it could be because of mold growth in the building.

Skin irritations

One lesser known issue that arises from exposure to mold is skin irritations. Rashes and other outbreaks become much more common when your home has spores growing in it. This is because they get into the air and onto our bodies, causing adverse reactions from our body’s defense systems. Unexplained rashes, frequent outbreaks, and constant itching for no reason could be a sign of a mold infestation.

If you or your family are showing any of these signs or a combination of them, then it could be because you have mold growth in your home. Aside from these, increased congestion and frequent headaches are also common. The health effects of mold can grow serious over extended time, so make sure to pay attention to these major signs of mold exposure in the home and call Calgary’s most respected mold removal service.

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