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Learn Facts about Workplace Mold Legislation in Canada

Learn Facts about Workplace Mold Legislation in Canada

The presence of mold in any work environment presents a serious health and safety risk to employees, supervisors, and anyone else exposed to the contaminated environment. The government of Canada recognizes this concern and as a result has enacted a series of regulations regarding the safe removal of mold as well as workplace practices to prevent mold from developing. Here is some more information about workplace mold legislation in Canada.

Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act

The Alberta Occupation Health and Safety Act, also referred to as the Alberta OHS Act, is the legislation in place to protect the health and safety of workers across the province. The Alberta OHS Act has sections that outline the responsibilities of workers and supervisors in maintaining a safe work environment, as well as guidelines concerning equipment handling and mandatory safety training.

Part 4, Section 43.1 of the Alberta OHS Act deals specifically with controlling mold exposure in the workplace. There are three type of mold controls (listed from most to least extreme): engineering, administrative, and protective equipment. Depending on the severity of the contamination and the associated health risks, one of these three mold control strategies must be implemented. The Alberta OHS Act gives a detailed description of these different responses as well as guidelines for safe mold assessment and removal.

Mould Management Guidelines

In addition to the Alberta OHS Act, there are a number of governmental guidelines for dealing with an outbreak of mold. These guidelines have been compiled by experts from various building authorities such as Health Canada and the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Committee on Environmental and Occupational Health (CEOH).

Health Canada has composed a number of guides for dealing with mold in workplace environments, including the Indoor Air Quality in Office Buildings: A Technical Guide (Revised Edition 1995) and Fungal Contamination in Public Buildings: Health Effects and Investigation Methods (2004). These guides, which continue to be updated by public health researchers, are valuable references for workers and workplace managers.

It’s important to know about Canadian legislation regarding mold so your workplace can manage any potential contamination swiftly and safety. For more information about mold and for  high-quality mold inspection and remediation services, contact us today at Certified Asbestos Removal.

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