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Pre-Job Inspection: Detecting Hazards During Asbestos Abatement Procedures

Pre-Job Inspection: Detecting Hazards During Asbestos Abatement Procedures

Before beginning an asbestos removal procedure, the professional technicians at Certified Asbestos Removal conduct a careful inspection of your property to determine any health and safety hazards that may affect their performance on the job. Not only does this help to keep our technicians safe, it also ensures that the abatement procedure is handled as efficiently as possible so there is no accidental damage to your property. Here are some of the pre-job inspection procedures that help keep our asbestos removal services swift, safe, and undisruptive.

Electrical Hazards

Some of the main concerns of asbestos abatement are electrical hazards because abatement procedures usually involve the use of water. The main electrical hazards in terms of asbestos removal are exposed wiring, improper grounding, and a lack of adequate shielding. To prevent electrical hazards, all circuits that aren’t necessary during abatement procedures should be shut down and all wiring treated as energized unless tested and proven to be otherwise. Technicians may need to use a dry removal technique to remove asbestos-containing materials around transformers and control boxes.

Ladders and Elevating Tools

Asbestos abatement procedures often require the use of ladders and other elevating tools to reach asbestos-containing materials. All of the technicians at Certified Asbestos Removal are fully trained on the proper use of ladders and scaffold to prevent trip-and-fall accidents on the job. All ladders and scaffolds are inspected before the job begins and damaged ladders and elevating tools are never used on our job sites. It’s this commitment to safety that allows us to complete asbestos abatement projects quickly and efficiently.

There is always a degree of danger when dealing with asbestos. That’s why the professional team at Certified Asbestos Removal has implemented as comprehensive pre-job inspection to make each worksite as safe as possible before work begins. Not only does this help protect our technicians; it also ensures that you receive the efficient and reliable service you deserve with minimal disruption. For professional asbestos inspection and removal services for your property, contact us today at Certified Asbestos Removal.

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