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Tips on Storm Preparedness

Tips on Storm Preparedness

You can’t control nature—and unfortunately, summer storm season is on its way in Calgary. At the very least, though, we aren’t (usually) completely struck out of the blue when a storm is coming; meteorologists give us enough advanced warning to allow us to prepare. Taking this time seriously is important inadequately preparing for the storm and ensuring your family’s safety.

Courtesy of the experts at Certified Asbestos Removal and Restoration Inc., here are some pro tips on how to prepare for a storm:

Contact Everyone in the Family

Safety should always remain the number-one priority in any situation. As soon as you’ve gotten notice of the storm on its way, let your friends and family know, and meet in the place you’ve already predetermined in your emergency preparedness plan. If you have animals in your family, make sure that they are inside and protected from the conditions, as many animals escape during storms out of fear.

Make sure to evacuate your home if the authorities have recommended doing so. At times, people think it’s better to stay at their home in order to protect it from damage. At the end of the day, your safety is much more important than any damage your home may experience—especially if you have insurance. Stay updated on the latest storm news to know if your neighbourhood is advised to evacuate.

Clear Your Yard of Flying Debris

You may not think it while enjoying your potted plants and lawn furniture on a sunny day, but these common backyard accessories can become extremely dangerous in the event of a storm. Try to clear your backyard of most light objects and safely store them. If you have a garden shed, this is a great place. Alternatively, you can use your garage or bring the items indoors.

Get Your Supplies Ready

Be sure to charge any devices you will need. With a large storm looming, it’s quite likely that you’ll lose power. This is also the time to take out your emergency preparedness kit and generator if you have one. Try moving your vehicles to an area where they are less likely to get damaged or blocked in by trees falling. Move objects away from your water and gas shutoff so you can turn them off quickly if needed. If your gas shutoff requires you to use a wrench, make sure that there is one placed right beside the meter.

Unplug Electrical Equipment

During a lightning storm, electrical equipment can be damaged due to power surges. To prevent your expensive electronics from getting damaged, make sure to unplug them before the storm approaches. If there is lightning, you should also avoid taking showers, washing your hands, or having contact with water. The pipes used in bathrooms are usually metal, making them conduct electricity easily.

Take Shelter

Don’t be outside while a storm is happening and seek shelter immediately. If you aren’t at home, stay in your car because if lightning hits your car, it will transfer to the ground. Avoid driving in any storm, as water will accumulate on the road and increase the risk of hydroplaning.

In the unfortunate event of storm damage, rely on the experts at Certified Asbestos Removal and Restoration Inc. We work quickly to assess and repair your damage so you can get back to life as usual. Learn more about our services by calling 403-437-8070!

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