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The Truth about Mould: 3 Statistics Everyone Should Know

The Truth about Mould: 3 Statistics Everyone Should Know

Research into the effects of mold on human health is rapidly advancing, and the message is clear. Mould growth at home or at work poses a serious danger to those inside the building. Prolonged exposure can cause or exacerbate respiratory issues, and even cause structural damage as well. You need to know the truth about mold. Here are 3 statistics that everyone should know.

30%-50% of structures have damp conditions

According to a report from the CPSC, 30%-50% of the homes surveyed in two separate studies were found to have damp conditions. This greatly encourages the mold buildup, and is a major contributing factor to illnesses. The number is of course higher in warmer climates, so be aware of your surroundings.

Air pollution causes 12.5% of deaths

According to a recent WHO report from 2012, air pollution exposure was responsible for 12.5% of the world’s total deaths. The saddest thing is that these deaths are preventable. Not only outdoor pollution, but also indoor issues can cause severe sickness in people. While it is seen much more in the developing world, it is still an issue in Canada.

Building dampness increases asthma risk by up to 50%

In a joint governmental/academic study, building dampness and mold increased the risk of a variety of respiratory conditions by up to 50%. 4.6 million cases of asthma were attributed to these causes in the US alone. The human and dollar cost of these respiratory ailments is staggering.

We want to keep your home or place of business as safe as possible for those within it. These statistics prove the truth about mold: it is dangerous. If you suspect that you’ve got mold growth in your building, then you need to have professionals locate and eliminate the problem in order to ensure it doesn’t come back.

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