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Are Fire Damage Restoration Professionals Necessary?

Are Fire Damage Restoration Professionals Necessary?

Are Fire Damage Restoration Professionals Necessary?

You might think that experiencing fire damage to your home is one of the worst things that can happen … and you’d be correct! It’s not a pleasant experience by any stretch of the imagination, as the smoke, soot and ash will damage both the inside and outside of your property in a serious way.

However, once the fire is out, the damage doesn’t stop. Without immediate fire damage restoration services, your home risks further deterioration and damage.

Watch Out for Water

Watch Out for Water

Sure, the damage fire, smoke and ash can do to your property can be severe. But one of the most harmful aspects of fire and smoke damage comes from the water that is used to put out the flames.

This could be water from automatic sprinklers or a fireman’s hose, but the net result is the same: without a quick inspection (and prompt action) from a fire restoration team, the water damage could end up causing the majority of the headaches over the long run.

Water damage can create mold and otherwise rot and destroy the structure, framing and foundation of your house, and the restoration process is usually best left to the professionals. Water is typically removed with specialized water extractors unavailable to the average Joe, along with a combination of dehumidifiers, fans and air scrubbers to complete the water damage cleanup.

How Exactly Does Fire Damage Occur?

How Exactly Does Fire Damage Occur

We all know that fire and smoke damage can be severe. Fire basically destroys anything it touches, and otherwise warps and weakens a building’s interior structure.

Fire also creates noxious smoke, and without the right kind of fire damage restoration service, the smell of those fumes can become permanently lodged in everything in your house, from the floors to the walls to the fabrics of your furniture. This isn’t just inconvenient, it can be very dangerous for your health!

Unfortunately, the only true way to remove the smell from everything is to clean, sanitize and deodorize every single item. Fire and smoke damage restoration is no joke, and only a professional fire damage restoration crew will be able to attend to it properly. This isn’t a job for amateurs.

Other Hazards?

Fires can be painful and upsetting, as fire not only destroys personal possessions, but also the lives of people who once lived within the property. In the aftermath of a fire, the focus is directed towards rebuilding and recovering what can be salvaged. However, despite all that has taken place, another invisibile hazard may be present. The hazard is asbestos fibres, which is a naturally occurring mineral which was used as an ingredient in fire resistant building materials.

Asbestos are microscopic fibres which can be found in drywall joint compound, linoleum flooring, floor tiles, popcorn ceiling / ceiling stipple coat, plaster walls, brick mortar, attic insulation and exterior parging and stucco.  Asbestos, though safe if left undisturbed, is fireproof, and quite durable. Once building materials are damaged or the condition wears down over time, asbestos fibres can then be released into the air, becoming airborne and a potential hazard to human health. When a person inhales asbestos fibres, the fibres can become lodged within the lungs or other tissue within the body. The fibres can subsequently over the years potentially cause further damage to healthy cells, and lead to cancer to the lining of the lungs namely mesothelioma.

It is common for homeowners to think of asbestos as black mould, however, asbestos is the greater danger, and it is important to call in the professionals at Certified Asbestos Removal to have building materials tested for asbestos, prior to rummaging through damaged debris.

Why Use Professionals?

Why Use Professionals

The restoration process is complicated, and because the damage cleanup work needs to be done as quickly as possible in the wake of a disaster, it’s not a time to be learning on the job.


Having access to experienced fire damage restoration services for your property is a must for a few key reasons. The first and most important reason is related to cost. Even if much of your house escaped the damage fire typically does to a building, the smoke damage can be severe, and it starts right away. Discoloration and smell can become irreversible if left for too long – sometimes only a matter of days. It is always less costly to fix or clean rather than replace.


The second reason you want to use professional fire damage restoration services has to do with speed. You can only do so much on your own, and after a fire there is plenty else you need to deal with already, from calling the insurance to dealing with temporary lodging and more.

Cleaning up property after a fire is a labour-intensive process, and you need the right combination of muscle, brains and experience to get it done right, as well as quickly. Hiring a damage restoration team can result in work being done quickly – sometimes in as little as 24 hours.


Finally, it is imperative to use fire restoration services for the experience of the team you hire. Not only will a great team be able to take on water damage, fire damage and smoke damage after an emergency at your property using specialized equipment,  they’ll also be able to help provide you with some valuable advice on subjects like filing an insurance claim, or by sharing important ideas to limit future damage such as through the creation of an emergency response plan.

Fire Restoration Services for Your Property

Fire Restoration Services for Your Property

Ideally, fire and smoke damage restoration is something that you’ll never need to deal with. However, accidents happen, and in the wake of an emergency that creates both fire damage and smoke damage, it’s always best to trust the professionals.

Certified Asbestos is one of the most trusted fire damage restoration companies in the country for a reason. With many years of experience in the field, they can handle jobs of any size, not simply for residential work.

For the best fire restoration in Canada, contact them today for a consultation. They’ll provide you with the peace of mind you need to move beyond the fire, handle all the details, reduce your cost and ensure your health and safety for years to come.

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